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Hoffmann's  "Struwwelpeter"  in Basel

A staged concert in the school for children and teenagers between 6 and 12 years


Four stories from the Struwwelpeter, performed by four musicians of the Basel Chamber Orchestra, musical and scenic. Each story with its own musical color, each figure with its own motive. The music not only accompanies, but develops the stories further. The children in the audience take an active part: they take on small roles in the individual episodes, be it a sung chorus, be it sounds or warning voices.

World premiere was December 7, 2016, at Primarschule Weiermatten Reinach

Music: Compositions and Arrangements by Konstantin Timokhine

Director: Salomé Im Hof

With musicians from the Chamber Orchestra Basel: Ewa Miribung (violin, banjo, vocals), Jan Wollmann (trumpet, vocals), Konstantin Timokhine (horn,melodica, vocals), Georg Dettweiler (cello)

The piece lasts one school hour. At the beginning a musical workshop with the musicians and children takes place, after the performance an exchange follows.

School performances are bookable between September 2017 and June 2018 Further information and registration at: 

Barbara Tacchini,

"Oberon" at the Bavarian State Opera

Nikolaus Habjan has been established as a puppeteer since the Burgtheater production "Fool of Love". As co-director of the Schubert Theater in Vienna, he is also very familiar with the regimental theater. Now Nikolaus Bachler brings his countryman to the Bavarian State Opera, which he has directed, to stage Carl Maria von Weber's "Oberon, King of the Elves".

On 21 July 2017 the premiere of the rarely performed romantic opera will take place in Munich, as Habjan reported on Wednesday. As a stage designer, Habjan's long-standing stage partner Jakob Brossmann, director of the current documentary "Lampedusa in Winter", is on board. The musical direction of the evening will be performed by Ivor Bolton, with Annette Dasch being among the performers. (


With the "Ranz des Vaches" or cow rows, a traditional tune of the shepherds from the Gruyer (canton of Friborg), "Heidi" starts with alphorn sounds as a family play after the famous book by Johanna Spyri. Musically attuned by this secret national anthem of French-speaking Switzerland, comes with a reputation of the Alp-Oehi around the corner. Heidi and the narrator wait for the grandfather. The audience packs the folding chairs and walks along the alpine pastures.

At the beginning of the scenic Lesereihe "Wintergäste" with the title "Holdes Land, böse Stadt" in the Fondation Beyeler, Riehen, we will be able to experience happy days on the Alp and weary homes in the big city. Since the 1880 published success book about this natural child one knows that it is the most beautiful on the whole world with the grandfather on the Alp. Only safe world? Surely the most beautiful Swiss myth. The story of the grandfather, the traveler and Heidi has survived the reading taste of the 19th century and saved itself to the international age.

That the naive child, called "the good Heidi" is not "dumb as a goat," but a bright girl, show Heidi's years of learning and traveling, which lead her to Frankfurt in a distinguished house where she is regarded as a curious child, The first one you have to teach. Soon Heidi longs for the home in the mountains, the pastures and the goats Schwänli and Bärli. The child belongs to the alp as the wind and the firs!

Far away from Heidiland, Heidikitsch, and Heidimusical the reading was distributed with distributed roles in the conception of Eva Tschui-Henzlová and with music by members of the Kammerorchesters Basel. The young spokeswoman of Heidi, Zoe Valks, characterizes the child with a timid voice and gesture as an engaging and yet rebellious being. Hans Jürg Müller gives a wonderfully harsh, humming, but basically hearty Alp-Öhi. The actor has put himself extra to the edge to give the two female figures space; He alone would have lifted himself from them with his deep, harsh voice and his rustic dialect. Grazia Pergoletti embodies Fraulein Rottenmeier and the Aunt Dete, something snappy and nimble. Marianne Aeschbacher (violin), Mariana Doughty (viola), Hristo Kouzmanov (cello) and Konstantin Timokhine (Alphorn) have the works corresponding to the Schauplätzen Frankfurt (Paul Hindemith) and the Swiss Mountain world (Sinfonia pastorella by Leopold Mozart and the Alph

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